8 Smart Apps For Busy Entrepreneurs

As a business owner time is your most valuable asset, and you should spend most of your time on your company’s top priorities.To make life easier and to save time you should always look for smarter and faster ways to do things.The good thing is, today’s technology is so advanced that you can do almost anything anywhere you want.Spend your precious time smartly, and get more things done with apps for smartphones and tablets.There’s an app for almost anything you want to do, and many of them are available for free.


1.Sign Easy

How many times have you printed, scanned and sent documents that just needed a signature? No doubt it is a time-consuming process, and definitely not the smartest way to do that.No one has the time to print, scan and send documents.Sign Easy is an app for both iOS and Android devices.Sign almost any format like PDF, MS-Office, Open-Office, Text, HTML, Images and more.This app makes it easy to legally sign documents from smartphones and tablets and send it back in time.It also allows to password protect your signature.

 8 Smart Apps For Busy Entrepreneurs


Listed as the best-selling note taker of 2012 by Apple, Notability is a paid but powerful app for iOS.Notability integrates PDF annotation, typing, handwriting, recording and organizing.This iPad app makes it easy to take notes with sound and organize them just the way you want.You can also enhance your notes by adding pictures directly from the iPad camera or from your library.Notability auto-syncs your files to cloud so they’re always up to date and always available, just choose your favorite cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive and work confidently.

 8 Smart Apps For Busy Entrepreneurs


Using Evernote is the simplest and easiest way to remember things big or small from your everyday life.Your notes, favorite web pages, files, images, media everything in sync.Share your notes and collaborate on projects with friends and colleagues.Collect information from multiple sources and save in a single place.Search by keyword or tag, you can also find any scanned file or document by searching for printed and handwritten text.Files once saved are made available on every device and computer you use. Evernote app is available for nearly every mobile device and computer out there, best of all it’s free.


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4.Spoken Layer

Give your eyes a rest and read the web with your ears. Spoken Layer is an app for iOS which converts entire webpages into podcasts.Once converted the narrated articles are available anytime and anywhere you want.You are busy and you don’t have time to read everything, Spoken Layer is the answer.Open your ears and read the web.


5.Card Munch

You have a big network, you attend regular meetings and you make new contacts everytime.Just take a picture of any business card, and this small but very useful app will automatically convert it into a contact in your iPhone.As it’s a LinkedIn product, it will also show their LinkedIn profile information and mutual connections.



You shop online from many different websites, and every time you buy something you get receipts in your email inbox.Years and years of such data in you inbox with other emails.It’s not easy to search your email inbox for records of something you bought last year.That’s when you need an app like this to make life easier.Just tell Slice the email id you use for online purchases, and this app securely scans your email, keeps track of everything you buy online and stores that data  in an organized manner.When you need some information, just log into slice and find what you purchased and when.Slice is available on iOS, Android and web.


7.Genius Scan

The next time you have to scan and fax documents, use your smartphone.Genius Scan is a pocket scanner for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.With Genius Scan, scan a picture of a document or many documents using the camera, then edit and group those pages and send it as a single PDF file.Genius Scan also turns your grayish documents into clear black and white files, and color document looks more vivid.Upgrading to Genius Scan plus allows to export your documents to Box.net, Dropbox, Evernote or Google Docs.

 Genius Scan


You own a business and you lead a team, every team needs a fit and energetic leader.Let’s run to stay fit, but the smart way.Nike+ is an app that allows you to track your location, distance, pace, time and calories burned.This running app automatically logs all the information and lets you track your progress.It’s also social, post the start of your run to Facebook and hear real-time cheers for each like or comment you receive.Nike+ is available on Android and iOS.



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  1. Anuradha says

    I haven't used any of these apps except evernote but all of them look very useful.I have an iphone and all of these apps are available for my device.Thanks for the list. :)

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