Khan War Continues:Shah Rukh Khan Overacts Says Salman Khan

Not so long ago two close friends became the biggest rivals.We are talking about Bollywood’s biggest rivals Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.These two superstar friends have proved, time and again, that they are better enemies.It seems making embarrassing comments about each other and creating controversy is part of their everyday life now.This time it’s Salman Khan who lost his cool once again during an ad shoot taking the infamous rivalry to another level.


According to the sources, recently during an ad shoot at a bungalow in Versova’s Yari Road the actor targeted SRK yet again.The Dabangg star was shooting for an ad film with TV actress Aamna Sharif and there was a shot where Salman had to walk upto Aamna.They shot the sequence without any problem, but the director was not happy with the shot and asked Salman Khan to walk again.This is when Salman got angry and refused to reshoot saying,

Agar walk karana hai toh kisi model ko bula lete (If you want someone to walk, you should have hired a model).

Even after this comment the shoot continued as planned.Again after sometime when the director asked Salman Khan to reshoot a close up shot to get the expressions right, Dabangg Khan shot back again saying,

Agar acting hi karani hai toh Hrithik ko le lete, aur agar over acting karani hai toh Shah Rukh ko le lete (if you want acting, then you should have chosen Hrithik Roshan, and if you want over acting, then you should have chosen Shah Rukh Khan).

As reported by sources, after challenging King Khan’s acting skills directly and openly, the Dabangg star immediately left the sets.


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  1. Treathyl FOX says

    Aw man! I like both these guys! I can't believe they keep taking pot shots at each other! Oh well! I'll just make sure I don't get in the middle! :)

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