Five Little Things For A Better Tomorrow

Youth is never an excuse to do nothing especially now where assistance, in whatever form, is always a welcome. The many different tragedies that gripped various parts of the world may have been disastrous for a lot of people. Yet,  it also showcased people’s spirit of volunteerism and brotherhood.  It was a “coming together for a single cause” – to raise the downtrodden, to heal the sick, to feed the hungry, to provide shelter for the homeless, and ultimately, to restore the human spirit.  By teaching ourselves and our young to care for the common good, we could carry out our mission as citizens of our country and do this world proud. After all, it is the only world we have.


Many of my students usually ask, “I’m so young. What can I do?” Not only is this an old excuse but is an evasion of one’s share of the responsibility. So what can we and even the young ones do?


1. Be Informed

Be informed of what’s happening in the world. If we really care about our country and the world at large, we ought to make an effort by reading the newspaper, watching the news. Social media these days is so accessible to mostly everyone. Not knowing what is happening is practically an indecent excuse.


2. Use Social Media

Use the power of the internet to share one’s sentiments about issues that matter. With so many social networking sites and blogs, it is so easy to comment and share our opinions with people from the other side of the world. Participating in these various forums and/or media, we can generate greater awareness about the issues of the day. It is not surprising that certain advocacies in the past have been pushed, some even as far as influence legislation, as a result of people commenting through the various internet sites.




3. Be a Volunteer

Make use of time well by volunteering to some worthy cause. All of us have been gifted with many skills and talents. Why not use them to improve the lives of others or simply help those in need, whether they live right beside you or are a thousand miles away. While there are many organizations and foundations who may or may not be doing the same thing, the world will never turn down another able body and willing hand. These organizations will always need volunteers who can commit their talent, skill, time, money, or whatever you can share; to help in their activities.


4. Promote Good Governance

While each country governs its own, and the world has organizations such as the United Nations that tries to maintain peace among us, no one can deny that at the heart of many of our world’s problems is rooted in greed and power. It is thus important that we all work together to promote good governance wherever we are, whatever country we belong.  We need to demand that our leaders be accountable to those whom they serve and be role models of good leadership. The fruit of good governance after all is peace.  And as Jimi Hendrix, the American singer-songwriter once wrote,

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.


5. Respect the Environment

Many people believe that the many storms, earthquakes and drastic climate changes we experience today are brought about by global warming. Still, I have heard there are others who remain skeptic. But no one can deny that so much of our world has changed. The advancements made in science, industry and technology seem to have taken its toll on much of our resources and like any other living creature on earth, something’s got to give. I would think that the message is clear. We need to stop polluting the earth. We need to take care of it or it will turn traitor on us.


These are five little things that surely, can go a long way to making our world a better place to live in. Between you and me, we can all make a difference and do our world proud. As Mahatma Gandhi once said,

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Let us all be that change.

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  1. Treathyl FOX says

    I enjoyed this article, Ms. Organista. It’s a reminder of what we all already know. The Jimi Hendrix quote is most appropriate. I had forgotten he said that\, until you reminded me. :)

    • Anne says

      Thanks for your comment. It's true, many of us already know the things I mentioned but we also know that there's a big difference between knowing and doing. Most of us fail in the second part.

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